How to Create Amazing Eye Catching Portraits Using the Equipment You Already Own

In the world of Instagram and social media, what we see, is a lot of times not as it really seems. The line between what is real and what is fake is quickly blurring. In this article, go behind the scenes with instagram photographer, Calob Castellon and see how he creates captivating portraits using nothing more than a camera, and a little bit of creativity. If he can do it, you can too. 

During the course of our creative careers, at some point or another, we inevitably fall victim to the trap of needing more gear, and feeling that the gear we already have laying around is not good enough. Often, this endless cycle can put a damper on our creative muscles, and can leaves us with a continual feeling that we always need more. But, in reality, if we just take a moment to look around the world, and see it as a canvas, the creative possibilities are endless. More often than not, the best pictures are standing right in front of us and will get overlooked. I know the mantra, “The best camera is the one you have with you” is a standard cliche, but it’s true. These days, the market is flooded with the latest and greatest gear, which often catches the eyes of the beginner or professional photographer. When you buy a new lens, or camera, there is a certain rush and excitement you feel, but that is often short lived. I will admit, gear is important and is a necessary cost of doing business , but it should be used as a tool to further our vision and not used as a limitation.  

In the case of Instagram sensation, Calob Castellon, he tackles this notion head on, and uses the world around him as a backdrop. When I first came across his work, I immediately was captivated by the bright colors, and fantasy type feel that his images conveyed. But, after a closer look, I was blown away to see how he created them. Wether that be on the side of a busy road, a model looking through a window of a department store, or using his TV to project any image he wants, he seamlessly is able to shoot it and make it look captivating and real. See some of the behind the scenes examples of he creates his images below. 

After seeing his behind the scenes images, it made me realize, that the moment we realize that gear is not the only thing that contributes to a memorable image, our creative floodgates open up. Yes, gear is important, but it’s not the basis to what makes for a captivating image; the light, the posing, the story, the location, and expression are. Everything other than what camera was used, or what settings were dialed in before falls to the wayside. I know I’m ready to go out and shoot with whatever gear I already have, and make the most of it. Are you? 

If you have any behind the scenes images from creative shots that you have taken, leave them in the comment section below!

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