How To Create Animated Blood Cells With Autodesk Maya

Software Requirements: Maya, After Effects.
Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate.
Time Required: About 1 hour for set-up.

In this tutorial, we will complete the following tasks:

1. Model a polygonal vein and a NURBS blood cell.
2. Use deformers and soft body dynamics to quickly manipulate the geometry to create more interesting surfaces.
3. Create shaders with a stylized x-ray effect using a simple 2D ramp and sampler info node.
4. Add fine detail with a 3D procedural bump map.
5. Create a particle (instancer) system to animate the blood cells along a curve.
6. Randomize start rotation values of each blood cell with a creation expression.
7. Render the sequence out of Maya and then color correct the final output using Adobe After Effects.

Download a Quick Start guide to rendering with Maya and Mental Ray:


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