How to Cut Out ANYTHING in Photoshop [SELECT and MASK Crash Course]

In this tutorial, you will learn how to cut out anything in Photoshop.

You will learn to extract a foreground from a background using the Select and Mask workspace.

You can think of this Photoshop tutorial as a mini crash course on select and mask, but also, as an explanation of my masking workflow.

You will learn what the all tools and sliders in the select and mask do and how to use them properly to make professional masks.

📘 INDEX – How To Cut Out Anything in Photoshop
00:00 – Introduction
02:13 – Bring Back Refine Edge
03:32 – Making Selections
05:04 – Selection Refinements
08:15 – Select and Mask Explained
12:15 – Refining Masks
14:31 – Cutting Out Hair in Photoshop
20:10 – Removing Fringing (Halos) from Mask.
24:48 – Final Mask Details

Advanced Hair Masking:

Making White Backgrounds:

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