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How to make Custom Carousel Image in CSS-Tutorial in Bootstrap

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how to make custom carousel image in css-tutorial in Bootstrap by Learning Simplified.
In this tutorial, we are going to learn about making custom bootstrap css to make our carousel images to fit into the containing div at any dimension and make other necessary changes such as font-size to fit into the device width such that slideshow in bootstrap never gets awkward.
Things those are going to be discussed here:

1) How to fit those slideshow images into carousel slider panel to
make it 100% with the varying widht of the container div. A
change in bootstrap css will do the trick.

2) Making necessary changes in captions and its properties.

3) Display property changes for small and medium width device using @media query. This step is required for proper display of the carousel slider.

Hope this tutorial will help you to understand the subject better. We haven’t made any changes in the display properties of h3 and p tags for different devices across, else we left it for you to let it be done. Try the @media query command and see whether you can do it for different display or not.

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