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How to make Gold in Blender Cycles ( 2.74 )

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hello Ladies and gentleman my name is Panos and in this tutorial I am going to show you how to make realistic gold in Blender Cycles! Making a Gold Material in Blender might seem easy as you can make a simple one just by adding a low roughness glossy shader, But it is way more than that! In this tutorial you will actally learn how to make 3 types of gold materials. One which is the simple classic Gold material which is just a glossy node with a low roughness. The next one is going to be a bit more advanced by adding a shard low roughness glossy shader and then mixing it with a high roughness one and mixing both with a mix shader and a Layer Weight Node as the factor. Finally the last Gold Material that youa re going to learn in Blender in this tutorial is the “Quite Complex one” you actually do something similar to the previus one mentioned with the difference that now you are adding one more glossy shader with a roughness of 0.1. I hope that you will all find my “How to make gold material in Blender” Tutorial useful and that you are going to make some great piece of art!

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