How To Paint/Draw Digitally on Photoshop : Hindi : Beginners Tutorial

Ish Tutorial me Aapko bataoonga Digital Painting Kaise banate hai Photoshop me beginners ke liye, Yeh ek detail video hai to ishe ache se samajhiyega or koi bhi problem hoti hai toh comment karke zaroor bataye

In this Tutorial, I will Show you- How to Draw/Paint Digitally on Photoshop in Hindi, This is a detail video, so make sure to learn fully and If you have any Problem, Then You can Comment it Down, I will try to solve your problem in my next video

I hope You will like this video

ShortCuts List-


00:00 | Required Equipment
02:00 | Start- Image Types
03:05 | Photoshop Start
03:17 | Resolution
04:37 | What are the Layers
05:40 | Basic Tools- Move Tool
05:59 | Lasso Tool
07:37 | Magic wand tool
08:46 | Eye drop Tool
09:09 | Eraser Tool
09:16 | Brush Tool
11:03 | Digital Painting Start
11:23 | Rules- Layers
11:32 | Rough Layer
11:50 | Lineart Layer
11:59 | Base Layer
12:12 | Hue/color
12:50 | Shade and Highlight layer
13:19 | Layers Mode
13:38 | Set Cliping Mask
14:10 | Basic Painting
16:27 | Paint Bucket Tool
16:46 | Select all layers to fill colors
17:09 | Easy coloring from eye drop tool
17:40 | Hard Round Brush for Flat Coloring
18:31 | Adjust shades and highlight
19:23 | Last Tip

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