Interactive Grooming with Maya

Check out the all-new interactive grooming workflow in Maya 2017, a more artist-friendly approach to grooming hair and fur. Maya 2017 Update 3 includes new features such as a clump modifier, Twist brush, object collision, Cut modifier, and much more. Groom by Tarkan Sarim:


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  1. that great , but when exporting my model out of maya to unity there no hair only the body ….. is there any process after your video to make the model and the hair stick together as a single unit?

  2. Hello, Where does this error come from the Clump modifier, Not with you. // Error: [curves] xgenProcedural_E340EF3854EEFB5A67688_curves: invalid number of points (found 0, expected 30345) //

  3. Hello, why the Arnold render crashes at interactive grooming when I insert clump. error
    // Error: [curves] procedural_E692A98054B14ACE61CCE_curves: invalid number of points (found 0, expected 180804) //
    Perhaps you can help, in your beautiful videos, unfortunately, nothing is rendered
    Greetings Fredi

  4. Looks incredible! can you use xgen guides to create planes along them and bake the resulting maps to those while using all the xgen features and also the dynamics? I think it could be a great process for videogame characters and animations!

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