Intermediate Bonsai Tree 3D tutorial: 04 Retopologizing in Maya (NEX)

Hello! It’s been a while, as a thank for all the support (And non support haha) I have quite a series for you. This is a full length video series of my entire process making the bonsai tree listed above.
This tutorial will cover making the base mesh in zbrush using zpheres, sculpting the base mesh into a high detail high poly mesh also in zbrush, taking it into maya for retopologizing and then the UV mapping which will also be in maya.
Hopefully you’ll all enjoy it and thanks a lot for watching. Remember to rate the videos appropriately to what you think of them, dislike and like relatively. It helps me get to know what my viewers think of my videos.

The background music are the following royalty-free songs taken from (Kevin MacLeod) with the Creative Commons license:
For the Fallen
Darkest Child
Deliberate thought
Long road ahead
At Rest.


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