Introduction to Generative Fill | Adobe Photoshop

Learn the basics of Generative Fill that is now integrated into the Beta version of Adobe Photoshop. This technology allows you to write simple text prompts to enhance your own images directly in Photoshop. It is truly magical!

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Adobe Photoshop software is the industry standard in digital imaging and is used worldwide for design, photography, video editing and more.

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26 responses to “Introduction to Generative Fill | Adobe Photoshop”

  1. The reflection doesn't look right to me. The position of the car doesn't appear to allow a view of the underside. Pretty amazing tech, however. Makes me wonder, why do you need a camera or a reason to leave your computer? I'll stick with doing the field trips, often multiple ones to the same location, to capture the image I want. That's the fun of photography, no? (Also, I'm sticking with my opensource darktable and once in a great while, GIMP. Proud to say I've never given a penny to Abode.)

  2. Adobe is starting to kill business of the people who made the brand what is is today. The thing is that notcthe result but the process of making shit, is what got us doing this job in the first place. Second and most important is clients perception on creation. What is a client willing to pay if he / she thinks it’s all done with by Ai. Copywriters are strugelling after chatcpt. Of course they can write better (for now) than ai. But clients don’t give a damn on creation since mobile and guick social media, dat driven content. Tgey want it cheap and quick. Now adobe comes with a great solution for this, but they forgot the people who made their brand.

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