Is It Worth Upgrading to the Sony a7R III From the a7R II?

The Sony a7R III is the highly anticipated update to the very popular a7R II. Since it uses the same sensor as its predecessor, it might seem like this is more an incremental release, but this helpful video will highlight the newest and most improved features to help you decide if it’s worth the upgrade.

Coming to you from Manny Ortiz, this video examines his experience shooting with the a7R III and how it improves upon his time with the a7R II. While the newest iteration of the popular camera isn’t a complete overhaul, it does contain some welcome tweaks and additions that should both improve the shooting experience for most photographers and further legitimize it as a tool professionals can rely on both in terms of capability and redundancy. It’s also worth noting that while the sensor is the same, Sony managed to pull a bit more dynamic range out of it in the newest iteration, something landscape photographers and the like should appreciate.

And if you’re interested in diving into more details on the Sony a7R III, you can check out our hands-on look at the camera here.

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