It Takes More Than Talent to Be a Successful Photographer

The sad and often frustrating truth is that many times, there are very talented photographers who do not find success as professionals, no matter how good they are with a camera and how many interesting creative ideas they have. So, what, if not only talent, does it take to find success as a photographer? This important video essay discusses the traits of successful photographers.

Coming to you from Tony & Chelsea Northrup, this awesome video essay discusses the traits of successful photographers. Of course, in discussing these things, we are not discounting talent; no doubt, it takes skills with a camera and creative ideas to form a good foundation. That being said, the most successful photographers are often not the best out there (though certainly, they are quite solid). Rather, they are top-notch business-people. They understand the importance of networking, sales, marketing, growth, etc. I have often noticed that these people are often less so photographers making money with their camera and more so business-people for whom photography is the product. Check out the video above for the full rundown from the Northrups. 

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