JavaScript beginner tutorial 33 – checkboxes

In this tutorial I show you how to use JavaScript to find out if a checkbox has been ticked or not.

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28 responses to “JavaScript beginner tutorial 33 – checkboxes”

  1. Can you this in javascript? , please show a video about it, here is phyton script that opens a web browser

    import webbrowser

    f = open('helloworld.html','w')

    message = """<html>
    <body><p>Hello World!</p></body>



  2. Hi Qeuntin, your Javascript Tutorial helps me a lot to learn the basics of javascript. I first watch your HTML5 and CSS3 tutorial before watching this whole javascript Tutorial and it really helps me a lot. Thank you so much! I will check and some of your other tutorial to learn more and become a web developer someday. God Bless

  3. Hello Mr Quentin,

    Your tutorials are perfect! It is very hard to imagine someone like you have a good heart & passion to teach! Thank you very much!
    Wish to see more tutorial in the coming days! Again, I thank you!

  4. Thank you Quentin. My favorite part was lesson 3 finding errors. This helped a lot during the series. One question, are there any plugin/software that will allow you to step through JS in the browser/examine variable values/set break points (particularly Chrome)? I could image this code could get very complex and it's kind of a nightmare just getting the one error that crashed the script.
    Visual Studio 2017 seems to work fairly well as an editor but not as debugger.

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