JavaScript BookList App | No Frameworks

We build a full app in JavaScript without and library or JS framework, using classes, local storage and more.

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29 responses to “JavaScript BookList App | No Frameworks”

  1. Merry Christmas everyone or whatever you celebrate 😊😊 I want to thank all of you for you’re support and for watching my videos. Without you guys I wouldn’t be able to do what I love for a living. So thank you, really

  2. Validation for fields
    const title = document.querySelector('#title').value;

    const author = document.querySelector('#author').value;

    const isbn = document.querySelector('#isbn').value;

    if([title,author,isbn].filter((a) => a === '').length > 0){

    alert('Missing Field Details n Fill all books fields');



  3. I'll appreciate your hardwork bro, it worked fine. I made some changes on the project to add some features, but it's not working. In the table, I was going to add local time but there are some problems that i can't handle. Could you help me to work with Date()? Thanks bro for your answer

  4. funny how when i did this it worked in firefox but when i opened it in chrome it threw me an error msg "Uncaught TypeError: books.forEach is not a function
    at HTMLDocument.displayBooks"
    even when i copied a code from codepen, this weird error is still there.

    Great tutorial btw, love your courses! ^_^

  5. Thank you so much! This has convinced me to buy your course on Udemy to improve my JS. I loved how easily you explain concepts that have taken me MONTHS to master and your use of current ES standards without frameworks. Thanks for the quality, free tutorials!

  6. Hi Brad! Thanks for taking the time and effort and costs it took for you to make this excellent tutorial! I think I'm over my depression now… because you helped me over a big hump! Thank you soo much!!!! 5 stars!

  7. // alert will gone automatically after 3 seconds
    setTimeout(() => div.remove(), 3000);
    // clear fields
    document.querySelectorAll(".form-control").forEach(form => {
    form.value = "";
    just a lil idea from me. Anyway, nice course brad

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