JavaScript – How To Move HTML Table Selected Row Up And Down In Javascript [ with Source code ]


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In This Javascript Tutorial we will See How To Change Selected HTML Table Row Position Up Or Down On Input Button onClick Event Using JS And Netbeans Editor .

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4 responses to “JavaScript – How To Move HTML Table Selected Row Up And Down In Javascript [ with Source code ]”

  1. Since I need to save the new order on the server, I used this solution: When user clicks the down arrow, for example, I send an Ajax call to run 2 queries on the server, and the callback reloads the page to show the new row order. Note: The 1st query moves the following row up, and the 2nd query moves the target row down. No loops!

  2. Don't know how people can give this a thumbs down. To me this is a very elegant vanilla JS solution! I tried to come up with something similar but failed miserably…
    Short update: The function within the loop led to some problems, when I played around with your code. I found a solution, where this function-in-loop could be omitted.

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