• Monday , 25 May 2020

JavaScript if else (tutorial)

Code Canyon

JavaScript if else made simple.

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  1. Ralph Sevilla
    December 27, 2019 at 20:24

    how do i make it go in a 24 hour clock…cause when i made mines it was 7pm, and the code understood anything from 6 – 12 it will say Good morning…..But it is suppose to say Good Evening

  2. Pearl Lanka Tours
    December 27, 2019 at 20:24

    easy to learn awesome

  3. amin imani
    December 27, 2019 at 20:24

    hey mosh there is an empty field in your courses for html css , We love you man , you are awesome

  4. The TwoArm
    December 27, 2019 at 20:24

    Sir how to create a chatbot using HTML and js…?? Sir I think its possible.. Using if else…
    Create 1st case and the answer and the other case and answer…

  5. mystickid1
    December 27, 2019 at 20:24

    Does Javascript have a new spec where you can omit the curly braces now for code blocks? Never saw this before.

  6. Randy C
    December 27, 2019 at 20:24

    Awesome video!

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