JavaScript OOP Crash Course (ES5 & ES6)

In this video we will look at some of the object oriented programming concepts in JavaScript including…

Object Literals
Constructors & This
Prototypes & Inheritence
ES6 Classes & Subclasses


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20 responses to “JavaScript OOP Crash Course (ES5 & ES6)”

  1. At 8:00 when he introduces $… I have researched that a bit and I keep seeing JQuery, which I haven't started on yet. The way he's using it doesn't seem like JQ though (I could definitely be wrong)? Any good resources or videos to explain and or learn how to learn the proper use of that operator?

  2. Whenever I use 'this' inside a prototype or inside a property that is a function, it results as 'undefined'. I've been going crazy about this. The only difference is that I am doing this inside a Laravel project and my JS files are being compiled.

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