• Thursday , 4 June 2020

JavaScript Physics with Box2D – Part 1

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Learn how to setup and use the JS port of Box2D for physics. CreateJS integration will be covered in part 2.

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3d Ocean

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  1. Eyan Towni
    July 30, 2019 at 14:54

    Thank you so much for this amazing tutorial. We're really grateful for this quality content. However, just as a suggestion for improving your content even further, I think you may try running the code more frequently to demonstrate what certain functions are doing. Most people aren't here to copy the code but to understand what every line is doing.

  2. Gilles
    July 30, 2019 at 14:54

    Do people still use Flash?

  3. Dale Griffiths
    July 30, 2019 at 14:54

    That's really great thanks. Out of interest what IDE are you using that give such good intellisense, I am only using notepad++ while I'm learning and it's fine but I'm on the look out for better, netbeans is also not bad.

  4. kyle smith
    July 30, 2019 at 14:54

    For the new version of easeljs (easeljs-0.7.1 at the time of writing this), use these 2 fixes:
    1.) createjs.Ticker.addEventListener("tick", tick);
    2.) stage.on("stagemousedown", function(evt) { /rest of his code here/ });

  5. prachi karekar
    July 30, 2019 at 14:54

    can you help me with the createjs.Ticker object. I am following this tutorial and in console getting this error "Uncaught TypeError: Object function (){throw"Ticker cannot be instantiated."} has no method 'addListener' "
    Please help…Thanks!

  6. Totty s
    July 30, 2019 at 14:54

    How do you destroy bodies without leaking memory with Box2D web? see my question here (contains code and screenshots): 

  7. Flo
    July 30, 2019 at 14:54

    Thanks a lot for this nice tutorials! 🙂
    Just a minor addition:
    With easeljs version 0.7.0 the function "addListener" is not supported anymore. Instead you must call "addEventListener("tick", tick)" on the Ticker object.
    Anyways, AWESOME (and sadly the only one…) Box2dWeb tut on youtube! THANKS A LOT!! =D

  8. John Prosser
    July 30, 2019 at 14:54

    How do you apply forces to bodies? It just keeps telling me the apply force method doesn't exist.

  9. Trent Infinity
    July 30, 2019 at 14:54

    brilliant tutorial thanks

  10. 6thmanproductions
    July 30, 2019 at 14:54

    Super Helpful!

  11. Ankur Rana
    July 30, 2019 at 14:54

    Awesome! Thanks.

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