Landscape Editing Tutorial – Photoshop

In this video I show how to blend two different exposures using Luminosity Masks. I also explore multiple techniques to create a beautiful mood for your landscape photos.

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22 responses to “Landscape Editing Tutorial – Photoshop”

  1. Excellent work. Love the finished photo. What I liked the most is your approach to a naturally bright sky unlike today’s obsession with too dark unnatural sky by most photographers. I’m not a fan of the direction many photographers are heading to. Particularly that today’s cameras and filters already provide enough def to the sky.

  2. Hello Peter Z. Wonderfull Tutorial you have made here. It was very educating to me. It gives me great understanding of luminosety masks. And the sound of your voice is crystal clear and well-equalized. Thank your for your toturial. Best regards from Jesper in Roskilde ( Denmark )

  3. A little tip on the very bottom center of camera raw where you see color profile , what bit size, click on it and a dialog window will open and click on open as smart object, now you never have to press shift and click to open as smart object. Your images will always open as smart object.. Great job with edit… Thank you

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