Landscape Photography with the Canon M50- Woodland & Waterfalls Collaboration

In this Video I try out the new Canon M50 on a collaboration with other youtube vloggers at Rivington Lancashire

Please watch: “Every Vlogger needs to watch this”


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  1. Greetings Graham ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you kindly for sharing your Vlog with me and the whole of the YouTube community. I really enjoyed watching you interact with the other photographers on the collaboration. You have a really nice aura, and a friendly composition. You must have been so, so, so disheartened when you realised you had not brought the correct tripod. But, you moved on… and captured some really lovely images. I really liked the intimate images of the mossy underworld, and the huge fallen tree which resembled an anteater. The waterfall image was beautiful, you came, you saw, you knocked it out of the park. Bravo.

  2. I just stumbled across this and Iโ€™m sorry for being late. I also shoot with the M50 and love it. I enjoy doing what you did in this video and am currently looking for local spots here in N Florida to shoot. Only found Falling Waters so far but my amateur footage is silly in comparison to yours. Thanks for sharing. Back to the drawing boards for me.

  3. Hi Graeme – nice video! I've recently bought a Canon M50, so this has been really helpful giving me an idea of what it's capable of. What did you record the video with? Cheers Rob

  4. Great Video, I do have a question I currently use a 70D for my photography but struggling to take it out as regularly as I want due to size. Would you recommend the M50? To replace this.

  5. This is what I was looking for. Thank you. Purchasing this for my girlfriend.

    This will be the first mirrorless camera I will have from the canon family.

    I shoot on a 6D, 5D, and 1DX before. Love full frame and love the channel.


  6. Thanks for sharing Graeme, interesting to see what different vloggers make of the same location/meet up. It might help the flow of your videos a bit if you can get the audio to remain when you're talking but faded into the background rather than starting and stopping.

  7. Pictures looking good of the new camera Graeme, we have all been there, I dropped my plate down through the jigsaw that is the glyders on Snowdonia, a roll of electrical tap secured the camera to the tripod for the few days i still had there, nice idea interviewing the other vloggers, a few familiar faces there ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Well done on some great images Graeme. I wasn't aware you couldn't use a tripod, if it was an arca swiss release then I usually carry a spare camera mount. Too late now though! Why I carry a spare? Because I've done exactly the same thing and come out with the wrong connections lol.

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