Layers in Photoshop – Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Are Layers in Photoshop confusing you? Do you feel you are not using all the benefits Layers can bring in Photoshop? Well, you’re not alone as layers are arguably one of the most complex things in Photoshop but one the fundamental aspects to take control of. So, in this tutorial, we bring you the most in-depth, ultimate guide to Layers in Photoshop.

Here, we’ll show you everything layers have to offer such as creating and using multiple layers, adding layer styles, using smart objects as layers, layer masking, using adjustment layers and much more.

Plus, you can download the images I use and follow along with me. Download the images for further down this page.

So, grab a tea or beer!, strap yourself in and get ready to learn all about Layers in Photoshop.

Download the images and follow along with this tutorial here:

Video Timestamps
00:00 Intro | 01:09 – Layer Basics | 16:47 – Layer Styles | 19:33 – Smart Objects | 29:33 – Multi-Layer Example | 30:35 – Grouping Layers | 32:19 – Layer Masks | 45:57 – Adjustment Layers | 1:02:15 – Conclusion.

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0:00 Introduction

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29 responses to “Layers in Photoshop – Ultimate Guide for Beginners”

  1. What a gem of a tutorial. I've watched a variety of tutorials and usually felt more lost that helped. This has been the exception. The teacher is easy to follow. He doesn't talk and work so fast that you can't keep up and understand, and his insight is amazing. I highly recommend him and hope to find more of his tutorials.

  2. Few presenters of PS, if ever, teach the subject as comprehensively as this presenter. It is not because it's evident in his clear, English speech, mastered delivery, and experience as a teacher but also, he's no phoney.

  3. Excellent tutorial. I am trying to learn PS and have been viewing various tutorials on YouTube. This tutorial is amongst the best I have viewed. It is very organised in the learning aspect, straight to the point with a high level of detail. The pace and teaching style of this tutorial makes it very easy to understand. Thanks Marc. 😊

  4. This has been the most concise PS tutorial I have seen thus far. I'm new to PS and have been searching for a tutorial where the person teaching moves at a speed and with details that make it easy to follow along and also to understand. Thank you so much for this video. I finally understand layers in a way that I feel confident that I can sit down and enjoy creating a piece of art that I can be proud of!! You have a great teaching style.

  5. Excellent tutorial. I mainly use Lightroom, and occasionally photoshop.I have struggled with layers for years, picking up tips along the way. Guess what – your instruction to make sure that you are working on the mask for white to reveal, black to conceal is the first time anyone has made that clear to me. Thanks Mark, great stuff.

  6. I'm just learning Photoshop. His explanations are clear, slowly derived and understandable, and easily followed. I have been viewing many Photoshop tutorials, and most do not explain the "why" of things. This guy does a fantastic job. The pace is perfect: just try and follow someone posting a "short." No can do. Kudos to you!

  7. I've been using clip studio paint which has been ok for years I've just made the jump to photo shop. And just learning were all the tools are this is a fantastic great in-depth totoral brilliant just spend 4 hours going through it and getting a real feel of Photoshop many many thanks I'm subscribing and thinking of doing your photoshop course brilliant thanks for your brilliant expernation of the layers

  8. Great tutorial, not too fast (which is very important to grasp everything), not too slow, just as it should be…
    Subscribed and gonna watch the other tutorials also, keep up the good work

  9. Thank you so much for this amazing tutorial. I have been a long-time Photoshop 'novice'. I am beginning to finally grasp the concept of layers and you have helped me greatly in better understanding the adjustment layers. I will have a lot of fun playing around with this going forward.

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