Learning the basics of drawing in Photoshop


Learning the basics of drawing in Photoshop #learningthebasicsofphotoshop #photoshopbasics #howtousephotoshop

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41 responses to “Learning the basics of drawing in Photoshop”

  1. Can you recommend a tablet which can support Adobe PS . So i can draw directly on the screen of that tab instead of a computer or instead using that tab as a parallel screen

  2. Your video so good..i enjoyed it..Thankyou ..❤❤…but may I ask how to setting up Photoshop so it can zoom easily without affect the workspace?…I can't do that when i'm using my stylus Pen in Photoshop….

  3. I really like how he constantly fidgets with the position of the drawing surface incessantly. Makes it seem like you got tons of stuff going on really quickly like youre on a whole other level of skill man. Thats pretty much what ive learned from this video. Thanks youtube, im getting better all the time.

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