Lightroom Update April 2023 A.I. Noise Reduction, Masking, Presets, and More

With Adobe’s updates coming fast and furious, it can be quite hard to keep track of what’s going on and what’s been updated. Glyn Dewis breaks this down and shows you what the latest April 2023 update means for you.

Glyn takes a look at the latest updates and describes what the updates are and how they affect us as artists. First up, Denoise. As a wedding photographer, I’m keen to look at whether this tool will be useful, as I’m often photographing in dusty old churches. There are a lot of them in Wales in the UK, and pushing the boundaries of my cameras to get a usable shot is important. I’m keen to know whether A.I. is going to make a big difference.

Glyn takes a look at the new Curves panel added to the masking tool and shows the benefits of using this. This really just gives us an additional option when masking and is going to be of great benefit to those that already use the tools.

Glyn also explains how the new masking A.I. selection now includes facial hair and clothes and gives an example of this.

There are a few small other updates that Glyn mentions, and I think this is really great, as sometimes, these things get missed, and we only find out about them when we go to use them. For those who want to see in detail what’s been updated, here’s the link to the April updates. 

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