Look High, Look Low: Keep an Open Mind When Shooting Photos

When we head out to shoot, we often have some specific image in mind, or if not a single photo, at least a certain way of going about the process. The great video reminds us that the opportunity for great images is often much more diverse than we might initially anticipate. 

Coming to you from Thomas Heaton, this interesting video follows him as he roams a beach for shots, eventually creating two very different images. I appreciate it because it shows Heaton as he shoots a standard wide-angle view of the sunrise with an interesting foreground element, but then, he searches the beach for other interesting shots, eventually landing on a very different second image. I think it’s easy in pretty much any genre to become a creature of habit and approach every shoot with the same creative eye, and while that doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t come away with quality images, it may cause you to miss a chance for a different look that could expand your portfolio or bag of tricks. I personally believe it’s very important to always keep a bit of brainpower asking “what else can I do” whenever one is in the midst of shooting. 

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