Luminar AI Introduces Templates, AI-Fueled Workflows That Give Creative Flexibility for Editing

The upcoming Luminar AI will now feature templates, which will give the user more control over how the artificial intelligence interprets each individual image.

Recently, we wrote about Skylum releasing information about their upcoming smart post-processing application, Luminar AI, and how it may expand editing opportunities for both beginner users as well as seasoned pros. Now, Skylum have announced that Luminar AI will also feature a new type of workflow through the use of Templates as well as the addition of suggestions made by the AI. 

As the user opens an image in Luminar AI, the software will analyze the photograph by identifying what is portrayed, what problems might require attention, and the depth of the image. After this process, Luminar AI will make suggestions on editing options. These improvement suggestions, or Templates, will then come as complete workflows. Skylum explains that this way of working would avoid photographers guessing the outcome of an image by blindly clicking through a variety of presets and instead, users will choose the course of action from a list tailored to each image’s needs.

Luminar AI screenshot

As Mel Martin wrote in the first article announcing Luminar AI, many photographers are unlikely to completely give up decision-making during post-processing, though the tools presented in the software can still benefit beginners as well as help automate certain steps of editing for professionals who want to speed up their editing. CEO of Skylum, Alex Tsepko, adds that working with Luminar AI still allows creatives to retain their unique style but removes or alleviates the time spent on tedious and manual work.

These Templates will also allow photographers to also selectively apply AI tools, meaning you can either get inspired through the recommendations given on how to edit your photograph or you can also selectively apply a variety of AI tools to target certain aspects of your image. Similar to creating presets, unique Templates can also be created by the user, and equally, Templates can be applied and synced to a group of images. 

It certainly looks like an interesting addition to the current post-processing workflows used by creatives, but how it works in practice, we have yet to see. Luminar AI is currently available for preorder.

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