Magic Flame Effect in Photoshop

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In this fun episode I will show you how to create a magic flame effect. You will learn some cool tips, tricks and techniques from this one.

Have fun!


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20 responses to “Magic Flame Effect in Photoshop”

  1. For those who had the error ''Could not complete render becase the layer is not directly editable'' , there is no solution on the internet but i managed to fix it by making New Project with A4 format, then i made the paths like Nemanja and made a flame.. also make sure you click on the ''Flame type'' menu > One flame along Path. Also there is a warning saying that the path is no longer than 3000 pixels, press OK thats all.

  2. Moze pomoc kada ubacim neku sliku koja je Raw formata Camera Raw filter ili mi se aktivira samo kad je ubacim i samo jednom mogu da je iskoristim ili mi se ne aktivira.A ovako kada idem u filter Camera Raw filteraa nema.Koristim Photoshop CS6 verziju ovo mi se nekada desavalo i sa Photoshopom CC 2019.

  3. So you are well versed in Photoshop, ver well versed. But it seems your goal is to teach others how to duplicate the work. This is where I think slowing down and explain the reasons/purpose of your decisions of which tool you're choosing for wherever your next step/goal is would benefit others. I am novice in Photoshop at best, but I do know the tool… However I struggle grasping what you're doing and why. You simply jump over one of the most critical points in teaching… Explaining the reason with clear (and speed controlled) examples. I hope you may consider this as I believe this would triple your subscribers and pace of new subscribership

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