Master Layers – Photoshop for Beginners | Lesson 2

What are Layers in Photoshop? How do they work, and how can you use them to create anything you want? In this class, we’ll dive deep into the heart of Photoshop, that is, Layers. With fun projects to follow along, I hope you enjoy this lesson. Thank you so much for watching 🙂

00:00 The Concept of Layers
01:38 What Are Layers?
02:22 Important Downloads
02:39 Why Are Layers So Important?
03:46 Trick: Moving Body Parts
04:43 Merging Layers
06:10 Layer Visibility
08:38 Layer Zoom Feature
09:09 Don’t See the Layers Panel?
09:30 The Concept of Background Layer
11:55 The Concept of Blend Modes
13:33 Just So You Know
15:29 Opacity Shortcuts
17:44 What About Fill?
18:30 The Concept of Transparency
22:02 Fun Project Intro
23:01 Duplicate Layer
23:33 Smart Filter
24:26 Delete Layer
24:47 Project Contd – Camera Raw, Select Subject, Add Text
27:47 Creating an Adjustment Layer
28:23 Project Contd – Alignment
29:32 Duplicate Selection
30:06 Project Contd – Fill Up Canvas
31:08 Duplicate Shortcut
31:28 Project Contd – Adding Grain, Color Lookup
35:41 Layer Group
37:16 Project Contd – Masking
38:56 Clipping Mask
40:29 Layer Thumbnail Size
41:02 Types of Layers – Raster
42:34 Types of Layers – Smart Object
44:05 Types of Layers – Adjustment Layer
45:37 Types of Layers – Shape and Text Layers
47:33 How to Learn

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28 responses to “Master Layers – Photoshop for Beginners | Lesson 2”

  1. Even i watched yours tutorials in past i decided to watch whole series. Even for the amateursr users who are familiar with most of this beginners topics,
    there is always something to learn, or to maybe change the way we do something to the better/faster way.
    Thank you Unmesh so much.
    Great lessons for now, and keep it going while we learn and practice.

    Greetings from Bosnia&Herzegovina

  2. Hello Umesh, you are doing best for the students and beginners, really it's great job. It will be more appreciable if you start all your free courses in Hindi / Urdu as well.

  3. Amazing!You are such a generous guy who share your professional skill to me. Thanks for your help , keep it up.Hope you can go through all the basic skill in the coming videos.

  4. You are really a good person. Such professional knowledge and skills videos are completely free. I have been learning through your videos for the past few months, avoiding many detours in Photoshop learning. I sincerely wish you a happy life😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  5. I am using windows since 10 years. But now I shifted to Mac and i am facing problems during using Adobe Photoshop as photo editor . In windows I press Alt+i+a+s for the selective color in Photoshop in windows but there is no keyboard shortcut for this selective color and for most of menus Photoshop in Mac OS. Please please please help. I feel irritating and can't focus on my work due to this problem. I used keyboard shortcuts on most of time in windows during work. Please help😢😢

  6. I was scared of Photoshop for 7 years. I went with you through the first two lessons of this series, did all the exercises with your files to download, and I can’t believe how easy you explain everything and I’ve realised there is nothing to be scared😂
    Thank you so much for helping me grow🥰

  7. I started learning Photoshop just 2 days before your first episode. I swear, it was the happiest moment of my life when I got recommended with your Photoshop lesson. I really feel lucky that I'm learning from you because I used to get intimidated with the abundance of tools in Photoshop. But somehow you make all that so easy.

    You are really a good teacher. Thank you so much for your lessons. I hope we will get to learn much more from you.

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