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Get the EXTENDED CUT of this tutorial: http://wp.me/P3V1aP-TL
Download the character used in the video here: http://wp.me/P3V1aP-Tm

This basic Maya character rigging tutorial shows how to create joints and skin your character to the resulting skeleton. Knowing joint creation and character skinning in Maya is the first step to animating characters properly!

This tutorial shows how to place joints correctly to create a skeleton that deforms a character correctly, and then shows how to attach the character skin to the skeleton, to ready it for posing and animation!

Topics touched on include the create joint tool and the insert joint tool, geodesic voxel binding, the hammer skin weights tool, the paint skin weights tool, and the component editor.

Now available is the EXTENDED CUT version of this tutorial! Over an hour long, every topic in this video is covered in more detail. New topics are introduced as well: there’s a guide on joint placement, skin weighting guidelines and best practices, and joint orients – and how the wrong joint orients can destroy your skeleton! Download it now: http://wp.me/P3V1aP-TL


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