• Sunday , 19 November 2017

Maya LT Dota 2 Tutorial — Section 1 Part 1

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Part 1 of this section will introduce you to 3D modeling in Maya LT. Using a simple sword blade as the subject, you’ll get acquainted with the basics of polygonal modeling.

In Section 1, Paul Kind will walk you through polygonal modeling in Maya LT by showing you how to build a simple high-poly sword for one of his favorite Dota2 heros, OmniKnight.
Section 1 Part 1: Introduction and Blade Modeling
Section 1 Part 2: Starting / Roughing the Hilt
Section 1 Part 3: Finalizing the Hilt
Section 1 Part 4: Finishing the sword’s remaining elements and cleanup.

Download the sword asset for this tutorial: http://autode.sk/1fIeVD7


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