Maya/Ornatrix/Arnold: How to export into USD and render in Cinema4D/3ds Max?

In this video, I show how to export the created hairstyle Ornatrix Maya/Arnold Renderer 7 in .usd format and render without having Ornatrix – in 3ds Max and Cinema 4D.

Very often – I was asked for such a possibility, because customers in the same Cinema4D or 3ds Max – not always want to buy Ornatrix, and need to render without it.


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0:00 – What’s coming up in this video.
0:16 – Autodesk Point
0:19 – Exporting a scene to Arnold .usd format.
0:37 – Importing into 3ds Max. Creating the .usd container
0:54 – Importing .usd scene into 3ds Max
1:05 – Adding Arnold SkyDome Light
1:25 – Importing HDRi
1:41 – Quick render setup
2:05 – Checking what we have in IPR.
2:59 – Creating the Arnold Procedural container in Cinema4D
3:06 – Importing USD and adjusting it.
3:22 – Adding Arnold Light with HDRi to Cinema4d
3:38 – Configuring GPU Render.


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Hi, my name is Andrew Krivulya Charly and I’m a 3d-artist who started my way as a 3d-groom artist in 2016. Before that from 2009 to 2016 I was doing environment art, interiors, and many other things. You can see my old works here –

Happy viewing!
Best regards, Andrew Krivulya Charly.


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