• Monday , 26 August 2019

Maya Rigging Tutorial for beginners How to Rigg in Maya Lesson 11

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In this Maya character rigging tutorial, I am Teaching you How to rig a character in maya and how to make skeleton in maya with the help of the joint
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When working on any scene, it’s important to take the time to pose your characters. Rendering your creations in the standard da Vinci pose will work for basic portfolio pieces, but won’t give the person viewing them an insight into their personalities. Adding a physical pose and facial expression will make your image more appealing while also giving viewers an insight into your character’s story.

Here, with the help of a few joints, constraints and blend shapes, I’ll show how you can easily give your character the ability to express emotion. Not only will you have the skills to pose the body and face, but you’ll also be able to animate them.


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