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Maya Tutorial – Geometric Sci-Fi Environment Creation

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Maya Tutorial – Geometric Sci-Fi Environment Creation

In this tutorial the guys from FlippedNormals.com will walk you though how to create a stylized environment in Autodesk Maya. You will be using many animation deformers and transform component tool. You will use Vray for rendering but you can also use other renderers to create the same results.

In the tutorial we’ll also be using a set of VRay scripts that we made which you can download for free here:


If you enjoyed this tutorial make sure you go ahead and check out their website / social media.

WEBSITE – http://flippednormals.com/
FACEBOOK – https://www.facebook.com/flippednormals
TWITTER – https://twitter.com/flippednormals
VIMEO – http://vimeo.com/flippednormals

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