Maya Tutorial Muscle Rigging – Fahrenheit Digital

Maya tutorial to create muscles that will contract and expand a muscle a few frames before the limb moves. A simple technique to simulate weight & tension.


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  1. Hello Aaron, I think I speak for everyone when I say, we really would love some updated tutorials. Your work is awesome, and it's sad that your videos on FHD are down and that we haven't seen much from you lately :(. I know you're doing awesome work right now, so you're forgiven. lol Hope to see some stuff soon!

  2. Heya, thanks for putting these up here! I was wondering if you recommend using Maya's muscle system or if you are using your own custom setups, like the one you show here (albeit more advanced as you said)?

  3. Sadly, this tutorial is ancient! I used a dynamic wire (i.e. Hair but you could use the wires in the Muscle tool also) to create the crude muscle jiggle. I've been working on new tutorials with a more complete muscle rigging solution.

  4. congratz on the birth of your son Aaron (all beit 1 year later! so happy birthday to him if around now)….your workshops are the bomb man. Best in the bizz. would LOVE to see a muscle workshop done by you. thanks again

  5. @mimikawaii7386 Typically the skeleton rig first and then the muscles. Only to get the attachment points correct. I'm working on a more detailed workshop covering skeletal rigging and muscle deformations. Newborn son and a recent relocation back to Weta have slowed things down. But I'll dig in and finish this and the other things I'm working on. 🙂

  6. Apologies; I have not yet updated this with an HD video. I will.

    This tutorial is something I put up only on Youtube and is not a part of a larger tutorial although I am working on a muscle rigging tut that goes into a lot of different techniques.

  7. what version of maya is this? i'm using 2008-th version… and the cube thingey in the upper right corner of the work window is missing i think when i installed it it was there and now it's gone

  8. Glad the DVDs are helpful.

    I actually know the guys starting TD Academy. I was initially asked to be one of the partners but (1) I have my own plans for online workshops (our talks around the pool table is how Rudy got his idea for TDA!) and (2) my teaching style is a little different than the approach they seem to be taking.

    But I think it will be good for scripting languages and things like that. The more the better I think!

  9. Wow, looks like a lot of farming for very little harvest.
    I use Adobe Illustrator and people always tell me that it looks like way too much work for little effect; but this looks like drudgery. You're always having to translate commands to the computer that you want your hands to do, and that alone takes up alot of time!

  10. I liked your tutorial. I'd probably watch it again when my class tackles rigging and stuff. But the way you explain things is very good. I understand the logic of it, creating stuff to affect other stuff. It'd be nice if you make a tutorial on how to make the objects on-screen when the tutorial starts. Keep up the good work.

  11. Cool I cant the way I bought your skinning for feature animation dvd when it was first released..really awesome!!..I'm gonna really use alot of the techniques in that when I make my short film next year for my computer animation course…thanks

  12. GLad you liked it! I will be trying to create more tutorials like this over time. I will likely be posting them as podcasts on this site (fahrenheitdigital); better image quality. And give me suggestions on other short-ish rigging tutorials people would like to see.

  13. Hey Sune! Once the Facial Rigging DVD is out the door I will start creating more of this type of freebie tutorials, posting them both here and on the Fahrenheit web site. Perhaps as a podcast.

    So everyone please chime in and let me know what types of problems/techniques you would want to see that can be explained with short tutorials.

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