• Friday , 7 August 2020

Medieval model pack for use with Game Guru. Part 1

Code Canyon


I made this model pack because there was nothing suitable included with Game Guru for the type of game I want to make and there was also nothing available in the store that fitted the bill, everything was made with Blender and is in .x format.
The buildings are made as a construction kit where the facias have spaces for various windows and roof protrusions which slot into them so they don’t all look the same, a kind of mix and match affair, some interior walls have different textures on each side as do the floors of which some have ceiling textures on the reverse side, some iteriors are full rooms, some are walls and some are individual panels which snap in place behind the building fronts, some of the furniture has more than one texture skin for different interior looks and some furniture pieces are animated as can be seen in my “Game Guru doors and more” video https://youtu.be/BZKPVbjFFoE.

Don’t know why the YouTube Megalomaniacs are putting adverts for crappy YouTube Gaming in my description.


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