Modeling with Cloth Simulation in Blender

Take advantage of Blender’s cloth dynamics for your fabric modeling needs!


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  1. My cloth doesn't behave like in the video at 13:20. The pin group animates to the desired width on the X-axis and the vertices closest to them fold like intended, but the further down the curtain we go, the vertices just doesn't "fall in". I know they are "free" as they all "fall down" at frame 1, but they won't move along the X-axis. It looks like an "A" with a wrinkly top bit.


  2. Hello how are you? Please can you help me? How can I duplicate the curtain? Is
    that I do and in the copy that I take with Shift + D, I do not get the
    curtain collected, but it appears rigid, as it was before picking it,
    and so save the changes, when I re-open blender no longer appears the
    curtain collected, Please I need your help urgently … Thank you…

  3. Very interesting tutorial. There is no link with the topic covered here but could you please give me the reference of the track (artist, title) we can hear in the background at the beginning ? Thank you for sharing.

  4. My Blender, on Shape keys to insert a keyframe, how? @12:23 in the video. Blender 2.77. I tried to right click to insert a keyframe on the Shape key, but no option to insert key frame. Anyone know how? ty.

    Update: Figured it out. On the influence slider (0.0/1.0 at the right of the shape key), right click and insert keyframe. I was right clicking too far left.

  5. I'm running Blender v2.73, and when I try to scale the pinned verts inward, it just stretches out my mesh at those points, which obviously produces some weird results. Does anyone have any tips on fixing this?

  6. This is a really cool tutorial but the key frames in particular that are messing me up in the new 2.70.ย  If you find some time to go over how they have changed in a tutorial sometime it would be very much appreciated.ย 

  7. Thanks for a clear, detailed tutorial.

    Bad physics, though. Try this: We hang the rod and fold the cloth perpendicular to the floor to *eliminate* gravity as a meaningful influence. We shape behavior by the choice of material/ properties; and dynamically with rigging. The folds are practical and by design. A theater also has flat, cloth backdrops.

    Example: try putting rings IN the cloth. …. ๐Ÿ™‚
    (Rigging: Does it retract, lift.. both? which way? How heavy? Keep the distribution even)

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