My Favorite Canon Camera Setting: How to Set Up Dual AF Buttons

Canon’s pro body cameras have a number of ways to fine tune the autofocus system, however much of it is behind a few button presses, switches, or menus. This is how to set up direct button access to multiple autofocus modes.

In the latest video featured on my YouTube channel, I’m using a Canon 7D Mark II to show one of my essential customizations for fast switching the camera’s autofocus settings. If you’re a sports, action, or wildlife photographer where things happen quickly and sometimes unpredictably, this trick is guaranteed to save your butt.

The idea here, much like I shared in a previous video about customizing Sony cameras, is to remap the AE lock button (the star) to instead activate autofocus. And not only activate autofocus, but to have an independent focus area and/or focus mode, AF case setting, and starting AF point. Combined with the three custom shooting modes (C1, C2, C3 on the dial), this dual autofocus button setup can be categorized three ways so you’re always ready to nail the shot.

Have you used this dual AF button customization before? Let us know your use case in the comments below.

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