New features in Photoshop 2023

The new non ai features in Photoshop 2023. Colin Smith shows you how to use the new Photoshop features added in June 2023

00:00 Intro
00:20 Adjustment Presets
02:12 Making your own Adjustment Presets
04:33 Color grade with new gradients
06:15 Add point of light
06:56 New Gradients on Masks to blend layers
08:04 Remove tool in Photoshop
08:54 Contextual menu bar

LUTs tutorial
Remove Tool tutorial: [](
Generative Fill vs Remove tool:
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33 responses to “New features in Photoshop 2023”

  1. You know what I'd like to see in future updates is an update to the lens flare filter. As it's been for years, you have to position the flare based on a tiny preview window which is super hit and miss to get the flare to originate exactly where you want it. I have to often re do trial and error a half dozen times to pinpoint where I want it.
    If there is a better way to do this, I'd love to see a video on that (I use a lot of lighting effects in my comps).

  2. Hi Colin, if you drag the group out of the ibrary and hit the alt/option button, you can directly place this group editable in your document. So it is nor necessary to get a new document from wich you drag the group to the desired document.

  3. I think I've just learned how to remove the annoying contextual bar, you said it wasn't A.i. but it seems to have an uncanny way of getting exactly in the way. I know you can temporarily pin it, but wish you could lock it to the top right and it stay there all the time.

  4. This is great Colin, Adobe Photoshop are introducing so many new features that most people promoting the the latest and greatest features fail to mention the fact that you need to have your drivers updated and a graphics card that can handle it. Yep, it looks like I have to buy a new laptop to use it!!

  5. Great tut. I liked all. I am in flexographics and I work with shops that don't like the black channel. So I would normally calculate, change profile or I would cut the channel, paste as layer and multiply it, adjust and then flatten. Is there any other hack to remove a channel and reduce the time while remaining accurate and yet maintain original look of the image?

  6. It would be nice if the contextual tool bar stayed where I pinned it by default every time I open Photoshop. I tend to pin it in the blank space to the upper right area just outside my image. Each time I open PS I have to drag and pin it to that same location. It's only a small thing but I pop in and out of PS via Lightroom quite a lot during an editing session.

  7. Thanks Colin. When I come back to Layers after using the Pen tool, an annoying and large help panel pops up. Do you know what I mean and can I get rid of it permanently?

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