NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY for beginners – Tips and camera settings explained

A beginners guide to taking amazing photos at night – we share tips to help you capture amazing low light photos with your digital camera. FREE tip sheet ⬇️

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About this video : Paul from Photo Genius shows you how to take amazing photos at night using Shutter Priority mode, featuring the Nikon Z6 and D3500.

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49 responses to “NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY for beginners – Tips and camera settings explained”

  1. Great video, super easy to follow! Now I just need to be able to go some place that spectacular to photograph. I live in a suburban neighborhood in the US so it's pretty boring, LOL!! Thank you Paul, your video are so good! Really appreciate you!

  2. wow those are some amazing pictures the mega pixels on my camera is 10.1 and it take awesome pictures yes it's a very old camera it came out in 2006 but i don't want to buy a more expensive camera until i master this camera. when i get better i will get a solid camera but so you said to put the iso at 100 and put it on tv mode and put the shutter speed on a lower number and my pictures will come out much better

  3. Hey, so I have a nikon D35000, and I went into the S mode and all that, but my aperture was appearing and fading, and even though I put the shutter from 10 seconds to 160th of a second, It was still appearing and fading. I was in my room with the LED lights, but after I turned the light on I could put it back to 10 seconds with no problems. I wanted to try with LED lights to see if I can actually take pictures in the dark, but because it was a smaller space than the city it didn't work?? I can't try it in the city since we're in quarantine 😅

  4. Thank you for not rambling on pointlessly like some other youtubers and just getting straight to the point! Very easy to follow along, clear and concise. You are a good teacher. Thank you!

  5. Tips were really helpful and made my pictures come out so much nicer! I’m still, however, having troubles with what looks like an orange filter over my night images. Anyone know how to fix this?

  6. I doubt that anybody is going to be able to help me as this video is almost a year old but if there is anybody who comes across this comment and knows the answer to my question please reply. I use a Fujifilm FinePix HS30EXR and on the Shutter Priority mode, the camera only allows me to choose the longest shutter speed of 4" (4 seconds) whereas when I use manual mode, this limit is much different and allows me to choose shutter speeds which last up to 30" (30 seconds). The camera I use is from 2012 but I don't want anybody to think that the age has anything to do with this problem, and my camera is very good and I have access to most (if not all) settings and I strongly believe this issue can be resolved. Like Photo Genius said, it's not so much about the gear although I'm looking for an upgrade around next year.

  7. Hi I am a beginner photographer from Bali if you ever come to Bali, please let me know, I will show you all the good spots for the night and landscape photography in Bali with less tourists.

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