Nikon Confirms That a Flagship Mirrorless D5 Equivalent Is on Its Way

2020 could be the year of the flagships as Nikon has just confirmed that a high-end mirrorless version of the D5 is in the pipeline. So will it be dubbed the Z 8 or the Z 9, and does that have implications for the release of the much-discussed successor to the D5?

Speaking to Japanese website Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (for a more accessible version, visit, Nikon CEO Toshikazu Umatate — who has been at the company since 1980 — confirmed that the Japanese manufacturer is working on a mirrorless camera that is equivalent to the D5, Nikon’s flagship DSLR. As yet, the specifications have not been mentioned.

Speculation has since emerged questioning whether the Z-series flagship will launch in time for the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020, and if this will mean delays to the slated D6, the anticipated successor to the D5. Furthermore, arguably there is not much scope to improve the D5, and the features offered by a Z 9 could undermine the launch of a D6.

One of the other factors that Nikon shooters will be keeping an eye on is the emergence of top-end glass. Nikon’s approach has been to roll out mid-range lenses for its new mirrorless cameras, in contrast to Canon’s decision to go straight in for pro-level optics. As a result, those craving a D5-equivalent mirrorless might then have to wait for the system to mature before feeling that it is worth making the switch.

It’s a busy time for the Nikon rumormills with the prospects of a D760, an update to the respected D750, being discussed. In addition, there’s a suggestion that a budget full-frame mirrorless camera might also be on the horizon.

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