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Opensource.com December preview

Code Canyon

As 2016 approaches, many of us are thinking about how fast 2015 flew by. To capture a snapshot of the year, we’ve launched the 2015 Open Source Yearbook, a community-contributed collection of the year’s top open source projects, people, tools, and stories. We’ve already published:

Check back for Open Source Yearbook articles through December.

Later this month, we’ll also kick off our annual Best of Opensource.com series, highlighting the top stories that appeared on our site this year.

Coming up

SCaLE 14x: In January, we’ll run our SCaLE 14x series, which will offer an advance look at the people, projects, and talks coming up at the 14th annual Southern California Linux Expo. SCaLE is one of my favorite events of the year, but I was still impressed by the 2016 lineup of speakers and talks.

SCaLE is already incredibly affordable, but you use the discount code OPEN to get a 40% discount off registration.

CFP—Getting started in open source: We’re looking for articles about how to start using an open source solution or contribute to a project, how to find the right open source community to join, advice for making money in open source, how to find (or start) local user groups or meetups, and tips for attending tech conferences. Proposals are due by December 21 and drafts are due January 4.

CFP—Careers in open source: We want to hear about your open source-related work, tips for succeeding in a tech career and for showing open source skills on tech resumes, advice for advancing your career by growing your network, and insights into how attending conferences can get you hired. Proposals are due by January 22 and drafts are due by February 7.

Check out our editorial calendar to keep an eye on other upcoming themes.

Write for us

Send us your story ideas, and see our editorial calendar and columns for writing opportunities. We’ve rounded up 7 big reasons to contribute to Opensource.com. Got questions? Email us at open@opensource.com.

Are you organizing a 2016 open source conference or event? Be sure to add it to our community calendar.

If you have questions, you can find us on Freenode IRC at #opensource.com, or email us at open@opensource.com.

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