Part 01 – Modelling the Handle on Blender [3D keyblade Tutorial]

First part of the tutorial
Here we go though simple blender functions and we also make the handle of the Keyblade. I’m sorry if my voice annoys you.

This video is not music related. Where I’m living at the moment the air and road traffic is very loud so I can’t record any music. Instead I picked up 3D modelling as a hobby in my limited free time.

You can find more of my stuff at

The source image to make the Keyblade came from Marduk Kurios (Max), his page can be found here

The original designer of this beautiful Keyblade is called ‘Alex’, you can find him as setoshihirovita on deviant art:

Join me on my journey as I model a 3D keyblade and texture it as well as import it into PMD/PMX editor to be used for Miku Miku Dance!!


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