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(Part 4) Create hip and spine rigging for your Maya character

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I continue creating my rig and begin this tutorial by demonstrating how to clean up the Channel Editor so that only the keyable attributes remain (00:47). I clean up the attributes for the leg pole vectors (01:20), I then remove the attributes from the Channel Editor using the Channel Control (01:44), I then clean up my foot controls (02:28), and finally I clean up the Channel Editor for the Root joint (03:00). I then build my hip control (03:20), I start with a nurbs circle (03:33), snap it to the Root joint (04:00), complete the hip rig with two more nurbs circles and use Ed Whetstone’s mel script to join the nurbs circles. Here is the mel script:

global proc groupUnderTransform(){
string $selCurves[] = `ls -sl`;
makeIdentity -apply true -t 1 -r 1 -s 1 -n 0;
select -deselect $selCurves[0];
pickWalk -d down;
select -add $selCurves[0];
parent -r -s;
select -r $selCurves[0];

At (05:15) I demonstrate how to make a button/shortcut on a shelf for this script. At (05:40) I begin the process of properly linking the Hip Control. At (06:30) I demonstrate how to attach the knee pole vetors to the Hip Control. I begin the process of rigging the spine at (07:05), I use the Spline IK to attach Spine A to my Clavicle joint (07:40), at (08:20) I add a cluster to the spine, at (08:30) I use the Component Editor to weight the spline vertex, at (10:25) I use a locator to attach to the spine cluster. I demonstrate how to add an attribute (12:38), and then use the Connection Editor to link the back twists to the locator (13:30), at (14:10) I demonstrate how to use Set Driven Keys to add the animation to the new attributes.

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