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(part 6) Final tutorial Maya rigging, hand and eye controls

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In this final tutorial on creating a character rig in Maya I begin with demonstrating how to make two types of Hand Controls. The first is based on using a locator and annotation, at (02:10) I demonstrate a hand control using a nurbs circle. Then watch as I add several new attributes to the hand control (03:50). I use the Mel script select -hi to grab a chain of joints. I then demonstrate how to animate the hand to form a ‘peace’ sign (07:00) using Set Driven Key. At (10:32) I add more attributes fo the foot control. Next we need to make an eye control and I show how to make an eye control that looks like a pair of glasses (12:00), and then a traditional shaped eye control (13:30). At (15:20) I parent the eyes to the head unit, then snap the move axis to the Head joint (15:50), link the eye control to the head control (16:30) and finally the eyes to the eye control (17:00). I explain how o control the eyelids using the Nurbs Start and End sweep and demonstrate how to load them into the set driven key. I clean up the rigg at (18:50), Group the various parts into the Caracter Rigg (19:10), and finish this tutuorial making a Character World with a square nurbs (although a circle could be used instead).

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