Particle Systems in Blender EEVEE 2.8 Alpha 2

This video gives you a quick overview of the current state of particle systems in Blender EEVEE 2.8 Alpha 2

Many features are still under development and do not work or are buggy to use. Here we look at some of the things that DO work – and the speed of EEVEE in the viewport is simply mind-blowing. I will keep trying daily builds of blender 2.8 and when more particle and physics features become available, I’ll make another video to show you!

00:22 … Particle Emitter
01:10 … 30k spheres in real-time
01:30 … Particle Materials
02:25 … Hair
02:43 … 30k hair strands in real-time
03:05 … Hair Materials
03:34 … Hair dynamics
04:22 … 250k hair strands in real-time (!)

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Blender 2.8 Alpha 2

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