Photography & Lightroom Tutorial: My Best Tips for Long Exposure Photos – PLP # 67 by Serge Ramelli

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In this episode, we look into all the gear you need to do long exposure, and then how to set your camera to get great long exposure photos. We then take it to Lightroom and retouch it a little bit.

Here are the links to the hear I used in this episode:
– My Pro Tripod:
– My Pro Ball head:
– Pro ND filter:
– Canon Remote:





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28 responses to “Photography & Lightroom Tutorial: My Best Tips for Long Exposure Photos – PLP # 67 by Serge Ramelli”

  1. Hi Surge!
    I loved this tutorial! In fact it reminded me of your 55th tutorial in terms of long exposure in the night to get stretchy skies, silky water, and getting stary lights…
    Anyways, I was hoping you can do a TIME LAPSE tutorial sometime…

  2. Hi Serge! Your tutorials are one of the best over Youtube and I always enjoy it.

    Lately I have a feeling you are going around the same scenarios. Why don't you make your videos even more interesting by making tutorials about Lightroom Catalogs and Backups. Also I suppose a lot of people will be interested to hear some lens and camera reviews from you.

    Thank you again for this amazing tutorials!

  3. Serge your video was great except for the fact that the equipment you suggested was quite expensive. On ebay one can find a quality carbon tripod plus ballhead for $130 and a fotga nd filter for $10 (for 58mm version)

  4. Hey Serge! Thanks for sharing your processing techniques with us. Have you thought about taking us out in the field for subjects like this? I think more could have been learned by watching you take the long exposures in this situation. One criticism tho, I'm pretty sure that photo is crooked. 😉

  5. Serge call me cynical but you have 5 exposures in this video, going from hand held through to tripod mounted plus all the focusing, putting on filters and long exposures – all that must take time even for a pro like you, yet all the photos look identical the sun does not seem to have moved in comparison to the building – how do you manage this? I think by the time I go from handheld to set up the sun would have set – love the vid none the less…

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