Photoshop 2024 is HERE. All New Features

Photoshop 2024 is here! Colin Smith shows you the new features including Generative AI in the shipping version of Photoshop

00:00 Intro
00:17 Task Bar
00:54 Update Photoshop
01:28 Generative Fill 3 main uses, replace
02:56 Generative Fill Outcrop
03:52 Generative Expand
04:26 Generative Fill to Remove
05:02 Generative Fill the Course
05:11 Remove Tool
06:00 New Gradients
08:10 Preset sync

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27 responses to “Photoshop 2024 is HERE. All New Features”

  1. Why not pin the task bar in the bottom bar or top toolbar (or even palette tab it) The Photoshop developers are often their own worst enemies while hoping to re-invent the wheel but constantly both over AND under thinking themselves at the same time!

  2. The problem is that adobe stock is basically dreams time and photographers licensed photos to dreams time for pay and when Adobe took over dreams time they kept the rights to all the images gave you no way of removing your images and stopped paying for them. So yeah all of adobe stock images are stolen.

  3. Unfortunately it’s Useless on ipad!! Im a designer and for the last year i only use my ipad pro. Lightroom works perfectly on it. I finally was willing to fork out the money to subscribe to the photoshop ipad App. It’s Terrible! Its just not a professional tool on ipad. I have been using Affinity photo and by far a better and way cheaper App. PS desktop it the best program for designers, the ipad app is a joke… no pen tool, no focus stacking, no sharpen image, forget about all the new fun AI features and many more. Its so disappointing. For now, Affinity photo is a clear winner. Especially that it only costs $20 (one time fee). 🤦🏻‍♂️

  4. Great video, Colin, thank you.

    What about "patterns"?

    The white brick got a little wonky after applying the Remove Tool.

    Yes, we can repair that with "old school" techniques. LOL

    Sometimes, I've re-applied the Remove Tool, and the pattern fixes itself. Sometimes it does not. 😉

    Just an observation. I really enjoy these!!!

  5. Great features, just a shame Adobe being the scumbags they are, trying to find ways to cripple us and make extra cash. Hope all of you don't blow through your monthly credit line, because then you'll need to throw them an extra $5 for more credits, lol.

  6. Followed your instructions but there is no new update showing, it says updated 2 days ago but does not say photoshop24 it says photoshop v25.0 up to date. When I select an object like you did with the camera the generate fill selection doesn't show, just a bar pops up like yours but now other option. I'm in the UK, is our update delayed do you know? Thanks.

  7. hello Colin,
    which tutol explains exactly how to retouch the definition of the part of the photo generated by the AI, to make it correspond for example to that of the initial pic which is in 300 dpi and has a format of 9500×7000 pixels?

    THx for your help.
    THx for the quality and ease of understanding for all the tutos.
    Colin is a very cool guy!

  8. All these features have been talked about so much while they were in beta, that getting them in a final release now seems like getting socks for christmas as a kid; petty of me I know.

  9. 1st time I've ever downloaded new Photoshop while I'm mid-project. I told it to save my settings, and it seems to be working really well – cross fingers. It opened at the exact same spot I had finished working on the previous day – same colors, same brushes. I complained at them about the bar jumping around, even after it was pinned, when it was in beta. I must not have been the only one. I'm so glad they fixed it. I love being able to remove something without cloning in a background by hand. What they're doing now is so exciting – and useful. Thanks so much for your tutorial and updates!

  10. I have a question. I'm a MAC user and when I do the main update each year I loose all my brushes, my libraries, and some things on the skinny toolbar next to the panels on the right. Is there a way to update where that doesn't happen? It's a pain to have to reinstall everything each year. Thanks for your help in advance.

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