Photoshop 2024 NEW Features (No More BETA! )

Real World Photoshop AI Course:
21 Tips & Tricks for Generative Fill:

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  1. I took a typical studio portrait of a couple on my popup white background. Based on the color of their clothing i thought it would be better with a mottled/colored background and it worked well for that.

  2. Hi Matt, I've recently been organizing my oldest hard drives onto a NAS and ran across an itunes folder full of video podcasts from 2006 that I used to watch on the first generation of ipod that had video. Photoshop TV and Photoshop Killer Tips, were among them. All in glorious 320×240 12fps! Probably some of the first tips I learned about editing back then. Glad to see you're still at it.

  3. Great tutorial and tips.

    A skeptic would observe the early release of the update coincides with jacking up the subscription fees. Purely coincidence, I’m sure.

    On a more sobering note, it’s truly unfortunate that with AI, photographs no longer represents the truth. I’m not talking about artistic expression but the real world of news, events, crime and evidence. No photo can be looked at as an accurate depiction of a scene, person or persons ………….. or lack thereof.

  4. Matt, in the photo of your son and his lady friend, when you changed the background I noticed his ears were altered (and not in a good way). Did you notice that? How did you deal with that? Thanks.

  5. Great video Matt and Adobe adding more tools for us. I wish I had this last summer Midjourney v 4 only did 1:1 so i spent too many hours laboring with PS-CC to fill in for std print sizes. I got great results but it was painstaking work now its a few clicks or better MDJ has more format options and zoom out finally, thanks for the e books

  6. I’m interested to know what resolutions you we’re working at with your examples? I tried in beta to generative fill a wider crop on a gfx100 file. Bad result because the fill area was so low resolution, so I wrote off this function as useless for my needs. Have you lowered the resolution of these images? If not how big are they and did the fill seem like the right resolution? I’ll of course try it again to verify but was just interested in what your thoughts are in this. I was under the impression that Adobe trained it’s AI on lower res images and so cannot work well on higher res files. Am I mistaken? Thanks 😊

  7. I heard rumens that in October depending on what level of photoshop you are purchasing each month, to use generative file will cost credits to use, if you use all your credits up before months end you would have to purchase some more.

  8. Great tutorial and real life instances where generative fill is a good option to enhance or repair our photos. Kudos to you on the new podcast. I enjoyed the first two episodes. Keep them coming. Thank you!

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