Photoshop Basics: Everything You Need to Know to Edit Photos

The basics of photo editing in Adobe Photoshop
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29 responses to “Photoshop Basics: Everything You Need to Know to Edit Photos”

  1. Hi did you calibrate the imac display with a calibrator like spyder x or xrite i1? and one last question where do you have the brightness level set at ? i have it in the middle but photos are still looking a bit dark on other systems i think

  2. I went to school for design, took a class on Photoshop, used it in school, tried using it after school and still avoid it like the plague haha. BUT the tips you showed in this vid (and using LUTs !) made it wayyyyy more approachable for me as a photographer as I jump into more commercial work! Thanks again!

  3. The first video I saw from Tyler Stalman was the comparison of video editing software between FCPx and Premiere Pro. It was easy to understand and fun to hear from Tyler and other popular video editors. From that moment, I have subscribed to this channel and enjoy watching his videos.

  4. This might be a rad off topic? but found you on here and really enjoyed your videos on FCP. Also liked how you got the value of the new imac vs bemoaning the fact it did not come in darth vader colors.:). My question have you tried Affinity photo or their other products? I have to say I have used Adobe for like 20 years (right out of school) and I have blown really impressed with this suite of software. The UI is incredibly smooth and the tools they lack compared to ps and Illustrator there are other ays of doing it. Anyways just curious if you happen to read this.

  5. This video is not for me😌

    Don't have a camera 📷(but I have mobile camera for my clicks😌). don't have a pc🥺

    But I love his presentation and quality of video….nxt lvl mahn✨

  6. Does anyone recognize the watch that he's wearing?
    To me they kinda look like Kronaby Apex because of the bracelet and the lugs. However Apex does not have the crown guards and the second hand on the dial. So either he's wearing some sort of prototype from Kronaby or something else. So The question, does anybody know what watches he's wearing?

  7. This was amazing Tyler. I’m always using Lightroom to edit my photos but I’ve always wanted to jump into photoshoot to either fix something or just try something a little more creative. This was a perfect beginner tutorial which actually makes it easy to understand the more advanced stuff, awesome job

  8. these are my favorites – Ctrl + t , Ctrl +t+i (invert selection ) smart sharpening , and selecting area a simply Deleting ( filling that part automatically), and gradient tool to have some nice fade effect .

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