PHOTOSHOP: Beginner’s Guide to Masking 2022

Learn all about masking and why it is such an awesome feature of Photoshop (and basically every creative app out there!) and how to create masks from scratch and from selections in Photoshop.

Adobe Stock used in this tutorial:


00:00 Intro banter
01:22 Create the first mask from a selection
03:08 Working with the blank mask
04:27 Blending the new color
05:19 Quick tips for working with masks
05:51 My Instagram got hacked
06:30 Adding clouds with a mask
07:31 Masking with the “dab” technique
09:35 Blending colors with a mask
14:00 Cut out a person/object with a mask
15:31 Adjust a mask selection with Select and Mask
17:24 My final thoughts





MSI Computers:
Aputure Lighting:
RØDE Microphones:
Autonomous Stand Up Desks:
SoundAssured Acoustic Foam:

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25 responses to “PHOTOSHOP: Beginner’s Guide to Masking 2022”

  1. Thanks for this superb and spot on layer mask tutorial. I learnt a great deal from it. You are the best and God bless endlessly.

    PS: Welcome back once again from your needed hiatus 😁. I hope to see more of your fantastic and jaw dropping tutorials this 2022 and forever.

  2. Probably shouldve included how to create a selection. Its the whole point of watching the video, how to mask. All youre doing is applying it and not showing the full process on how to do it

  3. Good to see you again Nate!
    I welcomed you back a few months ago in your “ i’m back video” after your reprieve.:-)
    It’s so good to see you again. As you already know you are the best!

    I have one of your courses and…
    It was kind of lonely out here without you.
    Glad to see you’re back again!

  4. This is literally the complete begginer tutorial of masking!
    I was searched alot about it(even i know how it works) but the way to tought it to us it was in awesomeness way!
    Great Thanks from UAE!❤🇦🇪🌹

  5. One of the best explanations about masking in PS! To the point, well explained. Sorry about your INSTA account… it happened to me yesterday! 😩 I will start following you with my soon to be new account! Cheers!

  6. can u teach me about vector mask. i am currently done make path of a person and i want to add more path as to clean up the space in between his arm pit. so i am stuck at here when i click mask layer, it become 2 layer mask instead of 1 layer only. plus the second path did not subtract from the first layer mask. hope u understand my situation. can u help me bro?

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