Photoshop CS6 #3 | Photoshop Cs6 beginner tips in Tamil

Photoshop CS6 #3 | Photoshop Cs6 beginner tips in Tamil

In this Video we see about transform tricks in Photoshop Cs6 this is really helps to beginners to learn about transformation tricks..





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  1. I think this is my last Photoshop Series maximum Negative Feedback and many of them say stop the series and Channel Views also dipping DOWN because when I upload the Series many of them don`t ready to watch It will de-motivate my hard work and many of them says this is tech channel or something else………πŸ™πŸ˜§πŸ˜§πŸ˜§πŸ˜§πŸ˜§πŸ˜§

  2. Bro nega pathivu seitha photoshop cs6
    Enggaluku rombaum thelivaga irundhathu bro
    Ippo naga adhan padikkirom aanal class kadamaikkaga solli koduthuttu poiraga
    Nega potta indha 3 videos m patthuthan enggaluku purinjadhu
    Pls bro
    Next photoshop videos poduga bro
    Ilaigargaluku nega seiradhu periya udhaviyaga irukkum bro

  3. It is very useful ! Why don't you start uploading atleast 2 videos per week? There are lots of ppl who are making this as a request.. just because 3-5 people's negative comments don't stop uploading it .. I hope you'll consider all of our requests !

  4. Buddy Plz come up with full series of photoshop cs6 videos. If you think about people saying not to upload tutorials , just upload a Tech video and a Photoshop Tutorial Video on the same day or the consecutive days. My humble request buddy. Because you are just amazing in teaching PS. Ive taken the Udemy photoshop and trust me, your tutorial is better than those videos in Udemy. So why you just want to stop a good deed. we need your help. The world needs you😊

  5. Nalla vishayangala Yaar sonnalum Nallathuthan adhu
    Entha channel, channel category Enna,
    ithellam vendam, U are really awesome bro i really appreciate your hard work, The video duration is 40 mins But The creator have to work for minimum 2 days for that.
    I don't know why the people are be like this(The negative commenters) Chaa..
    Anyway best of luck for your next Videos and Your hard work
    thanks for posting 3 videos of basics
    thank you soo much bro
    But we miss the ps cs6 balance series..

  6. Brother your photoshop series is really very good. Super. Even in class they will not teach like this. Your explanation is very nice. Don't stop posting the photoshop series. Even though it is lengthy worth. I understand the basic from your series. Thank you very much. Expecting your next photoshop video. Only after seeing your photoshop videos I came to know that you have uploaded a lot of videos in different subjects. I will go thro your other videos also whenever i am free and give you my comments. Thank you once again. Have a beautiful life.

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