Photoshop CS6 Masking Tutorial

Photoshop CS6 Video Tutorial demonstrating how to easily and effectively mask complex objects like hair on a model. This tutorial is easy to follow for beginners and still has practical advice for more experienced Photoshop users.

If you are having issues with following this or the audio I have a newer version of the tutorial here:

How To Change Hair Color Tutorial:

Tools covered in this Photoshop Tutorial:
Quick Mask Mode, Quick Selection Tool, Layer Mask, Refine Edge Tool, Color Range Selection.


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Photoshop CS6 Tutorial | Changing Hair Color in Photoshop

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37 responses to “Photoshop CS6 Masking Tutorial”

  1. Appreciate that Hazy, I actually do just that in the Photoshop CC version of this tutorial that I produced more recently. My new tutorials are coming out a lot better and I release a new on every Thursday now.

  2. Its a great tutorial, but you need to refine a bit more the way you guide your viewers trough the video. You cant say "lets press Ctrl, and there we go". Anyone not familiar with photoshop will just ask themselves why nothing is working when they "pressed Ctrl".
    Record guides with the mouse cursor so its easier to follow the small but important details. As for the sound, it might need a bit more work. If you keep these things in mind your videos will become even better. Good job anyways. 🙂

  3. Thanks McCingely, I really do appreciate your comment! Yes making tutorial is really challenging, especially when you do it when you are pressed for time. To help everyone out who has supported or criticized this video I've just produced a far better tutorial with clearer instructions a better example image and better audio quality. I hope you will watch it and that it helps you and others.

  4. I don't have a problem with people telling me how to improve at anything I do, its been very helpful throughout my career. What I do have a problem with, like most people is when someone is rude about it. Or doesn't curve it with some positive feedback also.

    Added to that like anyone else I don't appreciate when people who can't do what has been done, poorly or otherwise feel the need to be condescending. That just makes me human. I don't need luck, what I need is for people to be respectful.

  5. OKAY, so due to the frequency of the Negative comments and complaints on the tutorial, I've put together a new version that is shorter, more in depth and has far better audio.

    To all of you who have been particularly harsh or insulting in the comments:
    I don't think you guys appreciate how difficult it is to make a tutorial. Some of you have never made a Youtube video let alone tried screen recording software. It's bloody hard! Harder than Photoshop!

  6. Clearly you are amazing at photoshop & I really appreciate that you want to pass that knowledge and skill on. THANK YOU FOR THE TUTORIAL!

    However, creating a tutorial is a developed skill — just like photoshop– and this could be better.

    Please assume your students are morons (we are), and explain EVERY little click. I got very lost and many other people did as well.

  7. I'm going to producing a new version of the tutorial using complex backgrounds and more than one technique since a few of you have been vocal about it. This video was meant for comp and post up work that people have to do regularly. It was never about making FLAWLESS perfect selections. And most people who work for a living in the industry use stock images so that is why one was used.

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